Africa Mercy Ship

I have been praying about this opportunity and my desire to serve overseas! I have been doing smaller trips to Haiti and the Philippines that have prepared me immensely (I hope!) to try a longer trip. And here it is!


I am volunteering to serve as a nurse onboard the Africa Mercy this fall! I will be serving for 10 weeks as a ward nurse in Cotonou, Benin (west coast of Africa).


Short version: Mercy Ships is a Christian organization that has turned a big boat into a hospital. It ports for 10 months at a time in one spot on the coast of Africa. Not only do they provide life-changing surgeries to those in need for free, but also seek to integrate patients and families and others back into their own culture with training, jobs, facilities, and food in a way that is sustainable after the ship leaves.
Please see their website to get more information!

My position is to care for patients when they are done with surgery and on the road to recovery. Patients, both adult and pediatric, are seeing healing in so many types of surgeries. Maxillofacial, orthopedic, plastic reconstruction, women's health, and eye care are just a few of the surgeries that are restoring people's lives, all in the name of Jesus. I am so excited to join this cause.

The above photos above are not my own. These are examples of what kind of patients I will be seeing on the Mercy Ship. 


I am asking for partners, both in prayer and finances. As exciting as this opportunity is, it is terrifying think I can actually do this (will expand on that later)! Prayers for my anxiety and endurance are so appreciated. I am leaving my job in Portland to serve and will not have income for several months. I am fundraising the money for this service and would love to have anyone be a part of this with me.

Cost breakdown:

Initial Immunizations:                 $   400 one time                      $  400                                                         Airfare:                                       $2,500 one time                      $2,500
Crew Fees + living costs              $1,000 X 10 weeks service =    $2,500                                                     Home expenses while gone:          $300 X 2 months =                 $  750

Total Project costs                                                                      $6,150                                                    My personal commitment/savings                                                -$2,000
Total needed support for this funding gap                                      $4,150

***I am fronting the funds for this venture by using the site YouCaring. Please click on link to support!

Mercy Ships will reimburse me if you would like your donation to be tax deductible. You can use the link below to donate directly to Mercy Ships in my name (using designation code 4377 in the optional message box)! 100% of all funds raised are going towards this trip.


I really look forward to sharing all that God can do through me with all of you.



Although I will be serving with Mercy Ships, everything communicated here strictly reflects my personal opinions and is neither reviewed nor endorsed by Mercy Ships. Opinions, conclusions and other information expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of Mercy Ships.