I begin the trek to Haiti tomorrow night (February 5)! I didn't realize when I volunteered for this particular week, but the presidential elections are happening this month. An election was scheduled for January 23 and was "postponed" due to increasingly violent protests and demonstrations. The election has not been re-scheduled yet and, from what I understand, the current president is supposed to leave office this coming Monday, February 7. This does not sound good...

From what I've read on the US embassy site for Haiti, caution is advised on Route Nationale 2, which I've pointed out on the map below. I don't know where the hospital is, but I'm guessing it is more north, near Route 1 in the city. I won't find out until I actually get there.


I have no idea what I'm about to walk into. Please pray for peace amongst the medical team inside Port-au-Prince. There may be security issues; our team is assured an armed guard and safety inside the hospital compound. I'm confident that this organization is prepared for the worst and I don't need to worry. But many prayers are appreciated anyways! THANK YOU!