Batasan is a section of shops along Commonwealth Blvd that turn into bars at night that sell girls for sex. Jake showed us a picture of the inside of one a few years ago, and the image made me NEVER want to go inside one EVER. There are very low end bars. We went to high end bars last year and it's a totally different experience. 


The street itself is dark with some flashing lights here and there. The signage above many aw decieving, advertising things like notary or laundry. But in between such shops, is a very dark entrance with pimps waiting outside. The WET coordinator chatted with the pimp/owner and he told us we could go inside. The entrance is really dark with a long step down to the floor. There are 2 tables with chairs to my right and one on the left with a woman sitting at it, applying cosmetics or something to her face. I walk all the way to the back, past a large karaoke machine on my left and a tiny bathroom on the right. The toilet is gross, so tiny and still has urine sitting in it. 

In the far back left corner is the VIP room. It's partitioned by a heavy, dirty canvas and smells strongly like a dank basement. The walls are all cement. Beer bottles and empty wrappers are all over the floor and some wood crates. The VIP corner is shorter in length than me. I couldn't bring myself to look on the other side. I wasn't sure if it would be empty. I got stuck on that side of the room because 2 of the WET (Wipe Every Tear) girls who had accompanied us started singing karaoke at the top of their lungs. A few of our team are still in there, the woman at the table still putting makeup or whatever on (it's so dark, how can she see?). I keep staring at the VIP corner. I start laughing because this whole situation seems so ludicrous. These insanely brave girls who have been RESCUED from similar bars are somehow SINGING in this one, feet away from the abuse and anguish they themselves have experienced. They come back to the bars with great joy, hoping to catch and keep other girls. To bring hope to them as well. How unbelievably unselfish. 

The song is over and I can't wait to leave. I'm still kind of laughing though. (How does Jesus live in a place like this?) I walk past the "entrance table" to my left as I leave and 2 people are sitting there buts it's too dark to see thier faces. 

No filter needed.  

No filter needed.