Our team has safely arrived in Manila! We only lost one bag and it was mine. Ha! It was a super long "day" of travel --I lost track of how many time zones we went through. I still haven't caught up on sleep from Haiti so I attempted numerous naps on the flights. The team was greeted at the airport by Marlie, one of the girls I met a year ago who interpreted for us at the medical clinic in Navotas. It's a wonderful feeling to go to a foreign country and be welcomed by a friend! 

Now that I'm FINALLY in probably the best bed I've ever fallen into, I can't sleep.  

Tomorrow, the team will be spending time at the Wipe Every Tear safe houses. I can't link thier site here on my phone, but feel free to google them and see what they are all about. I'll explain more tomorrow.  

A layover in Honolulu, Hawaii

A layover in Honolulu, Hawaii

My phone died halfway through the journey, so this is my only photo....☝🏼️